O'Donoghue BuildersDesign
O'Donoghue Builders can assist in the initial concepting and presentation of the architectural solutions for your project. By having involvement in the conceptual stage, O'Donoghue is able to utilize schematics to create construction estimates and provide efficient construction recommendations early in the process.

O'Donoghue Builders works with architects to finalize concepts and initial drawings. Once the concept is in place, O'Donoghue can assist the client with the preparation of final drawings, zoning and building permits and estimation of final construction. By teaming with architects, O'Donoghue helps clients achieve their creative vision, and realize with confidence that their dream can be completed in final construction.

Although O'Donoghue can work with client's chosen architects, here are some we have recently worked with:

Daniel Tornheim Architect
805 Grey Avenue
Evanston, IL 60202
P (312) 265-4650

Peter Erdelyi
Huron Design Group
5830 N. Kingsdale Ave
Chicago, IL 60646
P. (312) 944-3295

R E M Architecture, Inc.
6324 N. Avers St.
Chicago, IL 60659
P (773) 463-4462
F (773) 463-4352

design image
New Residence
627 S. Loomis, Chicago